Moss Vale Golf Club


I would like to thank Ian McHugh and the Acre  team for their consulting support to the Moss Vale Golf Club.


The work done on analysing the business processes and strategic plans for both our accommodation venue and the golf club has enabled us to significantly update our policies, procedures and strategic planning.


I would have no hesitation in recommending Acre Consulting to any business looking to undertake the same process as we did.


David Prince - President

Moss Vale Golf Club




Clean N' Care


“Clean N' Care have been working with the Acre Consulting (formerly known as NFP Group) for over 18 months, on a number of development projects .


Their attention to detail in business planning and financial modelling has been remarkable and they have always taken the time to explain why they have taken certain steps or made various assumptions in the projects.


I have also been very impressed by their  response to any enquiries or changes I've made - even on weekends, they will answer my phone call and start work on the change straight away.


It is great  working with them – I would recommend them to any business looking for specialist attention."


Lyn Tiernan - CEO/MD

Clean N'Care




Acre Consulting Assists Parramatta Community Men's Shed


As part of its Community Participation Program, Acre Consulting (formerly known as NFP Consulting Group) is assisting the recently formed Parramatta Community Men's Shed (PCMS) to prepare its Strategic and Business Plans.


Parramatta Community Men's Shed Coordinator, Kerry Boyce noted: "The Committee had a lot of enthusiasm and expertise but we didn't really know how to put together a Strategic Plan and link it to a Business Plan.


Acre Consulting worked with us at night and on weekends - as we're a volunteer organisation that's the only time we had free - to produce a Strategic and Business plan that is comprehensive without being too complex.


Acre Consulting have really made a difference - I'd recommend them to any organisation"


Acre Consulting group will continue to advise PCMS on all aspects of business planning on a pro-bono basis.




ICARE  Planning Process “A Great Success”


ICARE, is an international relief aid and development organisation, providing care and support to needy children and their families.


Acre (formerly known as NFP) recently completed its work with the International Christian Aid Relief Enterprises Ltd, (ICARE), as part of its Community Support Program.


The process included an intensive planning program, initially with the CEO and then with the new ICARE Board. This work was preparatory to ICARE completing a five year strategic plan and it focused on the key business challenges facing ICARE.


Sandra Bamji, ICARE’s CEO commented: “This was the first time ICARE had undertaken as comprehensive a planning process as this one with Acre Consulting.


It was a very important step – especially with a new Board - to help with the alignment of our organisation’s current and future aims and to particularly prepare us for developing a strategic/business plan.


The whole process was a great success – many thanks to Acre Consulting for their assistance.”




Finalised Strategic and Business Plans Completed for Harris Park Community Centre


Acre Consulting (formerly known as NFP Consulting Group) recently finalised both the Strategic and Business 5 year Plans for Harris Park Community Centre (HPCC).


These were completed with the assistance and oversight of HPCC’s Coordinator, Ronda Evenden and Chairperson, Annita Brown.


The plans were developed by Acre Consulting, as part of its Community Support program.


The next step in the process is a full review of the 5 year plan and its detailed strategic objectives by HPCC’s Management Committee before final implementation and presentation to stakeholders.


HPCC’s Coordinator, Ronda Evenden commented: “This was an intensive and sometimes taxing experience and was the first time that I have been actively involved of the preparation of a strategic and business plan. The process captured all our ideas for improvement and development and put them into an easy to use structure.


The Acre Consulting team were always available to discuss and debate as we developed the plans and I am pleased they have offered to continue their support through the implementation process. I can’t thank them enough.”


HPCC’s Chairperson, Annita Brown, said: “We knew we needed to sort out our strategy and put it into some type of plan – not only for our sake but also to comply with future funding requirements. It is almost certain that if you cannot show a funding organisation or donor your plan for the future, your chances of continued support are limited.


To have the experience of Acre Consulting available was wonderful – we couldn’t have done it without them.”







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