Acre Consulting is a value driven consulting practice focused on offering clients practical advice and guidance to strategic and operational  challenges and opportunities.


Why engage with Acre Consulting?:


•    integrity and honesty are core values we live by

     we are open and respectful. We listen actively to your needs and are respectful of your
     corporate ethos

•    our commitment to results, guide us to offer you insightful suggestions and practical
     solutions to your business issues

•    we respect accountability to our stakeholders i.e. clients, employees, governing bodies
     and the environment we live.


Our experienced consultants will quickly grasp your business challenges and help you successfully execute on your key initiatives. We could engage with your in house teams either as coaches, team leaders or specialist resources.


Our success is built on long term partnerships with our clients - helping clients achieve tangible business outcomes coupled with opportunities for up skilling in house teams.


Our capabilities include  Strategic planning and execution; Project management;  Risk management and Governance;  IT solutions consulting.

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